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50,000 Watt Despacio Soundsystem from James Murphy + 2ManyDJs

LCD Soundsystem‘s James Murphy and Soulwax/2ManyDJs‘ David and Stephen Dewaele have teamed up for a very intriguing project known as Despacio Soundsystem — a 50,000 Watt speaker ensemble produced solely for vinyl sets. The seasoned DJs wished to create a club experience that they themselves would enjoy while simultaneously (and somewhat humbly) taking the focus off of the DJ and instead directing it at the elevated aural experience. This mini-documentary features interviews with James, David, and Stephen as well as the Despacio sound engineer, John Klett. Additional information on the Despacio project here.


Taco Bell Will Soon Sell Waffle Tacos Across the Country

Taco Bell Breakfast

Last May, Taco Bell announced that it was taking tacos too far with the creation of waffle tacos, which would be available at just five Southern California locations as part of a test run. Good news for those in Southern California, bad news for everyone else. Until Tuesday, when the fast food chain said they were expanding the waffle tacos’ test run to at least 100 other stores. Great idea, but taco bell destroys your bum. #SORRYBUTHOLE




Ahoy there you fucking excellent person, you. We can’t help but notice there’s something different about you at the moment. That warming glow about you seems to have left you behind, those glimmering eyes just don’t glimmer no more. What’s up? Is it because you’re yet to find yourself the newest and fucking excellentest Titty City, a round up so good that it turns even the most miserable of fucktards into dancing, prancing, excitable legends? Take a look below, and see what we mean:

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SNEAKY PEEK: Etnik – Divisive


In crazy good news, sick German producer Etnik has just released a new teaser for his upcoming track Divisive! Check out the brand new song below which will blow you tiny little mind.

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