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Answer The Call, The Call For Interns


You ever want to join the Illuminati? The Masons? Skull and Bones? Some kind of secret society, where pacts are made, and occasionally a ritualistic orgy jumps off? Well we can’t offer you membership to any of those things. We can however offer you the opportunity to be a Wastechester intern. It’s like joining a secret society, but you know, without the orgies or opportunities to make world conquering plots. We’ve got a secret handshake and play with knives a bunch, so, there’s that.

We’re looking for a 3 month commitment from interns. Deets after the jump.

More shit, yo




Yep, this is happening. Not content with pitting Mega-Sharks and Dinocrocs and Gatoroids and Super-Dicks against each other – Sony have announced their latest ‘vs’ movie – Lake Placid Vs Anaconda. If you don’t remember, Lake Placid was a solid creature-feature about a giant crocodile that got a theatrical release. Anaconda

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was exactly the same except you can replace the crocodile with a snake. Each film spawned a franchise of mostly shit sequels (actually, ALL shit) and this one is just the latest.

Of course the title means fuck-all, because ‘Lake Placid’ is the name of the lake where the giant crocodiles live, but whatever, we’re gonna fucking watch it because we like terrible shit.

No idea when it’s out but be sure we’ll let you know.